47-year-old A.Ö harassed an 11-year-old little girl in the incident that took place on November 30, in a grocery store on Esenler Kazım Karabekir District, Endülüs Caddesi. Immediately after the incident, teams affiliated to the Esenler District Police Department went to the workplace and started work.

Esenler police, who examined the security camera footage, identified the suspect’s identity in a fun short time. In the works that have been going on since the day of the incident, the harasser A.Ö was caught and detained by Esenler police while trying to escape from the July 15 Democracy Bus Station.

In his first statement at the police station, A.Ö. In his photo diagnosis, he deliberately misdiagnosed and guided the officers about the victim person in order to mislead them. Esenler police, who realized the situation and revealed the truth, determined that the victim was an 11-year-old child as a result of ongoing studies. The victim child was taken to Esenler Children’s Office Chief and his statement was taken. Sexually abusing the child, A.Ö. was sent to the courthouse after the judicial proceedings.


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Source: UAV

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