December 17, 2020 15

The incident took place in a kiosk in Esenler Menderes District Atışimanı Caddesi. According to the information obtained, the thief woman who came to the kiosk disguised as a customer said that she wanted to buy the buffet owner Eşref Oğuz by asking the price of the products in the fridge. While the buffet owner RESTBET501 YAZI DEVAMI…


December 15, 2020 14

CHP Ankara Deputy Yıldırım Kaya stated the following in the video he shared on his Twitter account: “Our group vice president Engin Altay says ‘Nation’s hungry stomach only gets dry bread.’ AKP Denizli deputy Şahin Tin replies, ‘Then they are not hungry.’ In the parliament of the nation, you cannot say this to the nation! RESTBET501 YAZI DEVAMI…


December 13, 2020 6

The 33rd European Film Awards ceremony, organized by the European Film Academy, was held over the internet this year due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Thomas Vinterberg’s “Another Round” movie, which was selected as the “best movie” at the ceremony where the awards were found, won 3 more awards. While Vinterberg was RESTBET501 YAZI DEVAMI…

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