December 17, 2020 15

The incident took place in a kiosk in Esenler Menderes District Atışimanı Caddesi. According to the information obtained, the thief woman who came to the kiosk disguised as a customer said that she wanted to buy the buffet owner Eşref Oğuz by asking the price of the products in the fridge. While the buffet owner RESTBET501 YAZI DEVAMI…


December 15, 2020 14

Grealish, who got penalty points from 2018 for exceeding the speed limit, appeared before a judge at the Birmingham Magistrate Court due to the accidents he was involved in on March 29 and October 18, according to the news in the British broadcaster BBC. RELATED NEWS 6 coronavirus cases detected in the Premier League The RESTBET501 YAZI DEVAMI…


December 13, 2020 18

The following statements were made in the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense (MSB): In order to ensure that our soldiers can be transferred from their barracks to their homes, from their homes to their barracks in a healthy way and to reduce mobility, the dispatch of 26,132 officers subject to dispatch between RESTBET501 YAZI DEVAMI…

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