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In the statement, there were also allegations that there were news and posts in some local media that misrepresented that one of the suspects, H.A., was protected by bureaucrats.

The incident occurred on August 7 last. Ali Kurt, who was shot and injured in Çünur Mahallesi 5351 street, died in the hospital he was taken to despite the interventions. In connection with the incident, an investigation was initiated by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor to apprehend the suspects. In the statement made on the incident with the signature of Chief Prosecutor Mustafa Akbulut; As soon as the studies carried out were carried out, he announced that one of his suspects, Y.E., was arrested last week and H.A., who was wanted as a fugitive, was caught and detained in Istanbul today.


In the statement signed by Chief Prosecutor Mustafa Akbulut, it was stated that a secret investigation was carried out regarding the death of Ali Kurt in the hospital where he was treated 2 days after he was shot with a gun in the incident that took place on August 7, and said, “The investigation carried out at the scene includes 3 cartridges of 9 mm diameter and 1 cartridge case. “The bullet core was seized, and according to the testimonies of the witnesses, it was determined that the main perpetrator, HA and YE, who was the main perpetrator, who was understood to have fled the scene, was determined to be YE, an arrest warrant was issued for the suspects, and they were immediately searched. The investigation is also continuing about the perpetrators who helped the suspects escape.” said.


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In the statement reminding that one of the suspects, H.A.’s father M.A., previously made the mayor of Isparta, it was said:

“There are many news and posts in the local press and social media that suggest that the fugitive suspect HA is protected by some high-level politicians and bureaucrats. These and similar posts are meticulously followed by our Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor. As a result of the follow-up and investigations carried out jointly by the teams of experts in their fields and the teams of the Istanbul Police Department, assigned to the province of Istanbul by the Murder Bureau of the Isparta Police Department Public Security Branch for the purpose of apprehending, the suspect YE was prepared and arrested in our city on 16.08.2021 around 10:25. As a result of the investigations, the suspect HA was caught and taken into custody in Istanbul on 25.08.2021. The suspect will be prepared by the officers at our Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor for interrogation. He will continue to fight with them.”

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