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In Rome, which will face Trabzonspor in the UEFA Conference League, coach Jose Mourinho made evaluations before the match. Portuguese coach Mourinho stated that both teams will be strong and the match will be difficult. “The top team in both teams” Mourinho “Conference League “I don’t think it was a first-off game. Everyone thought there would be no ball teams when the Conference League started, but this is going to be a Champions League match. Unfortunately, neither team will be able to make it to the round next week. Both teams are really top teams.” To the question of whether he will make a change in the team in the match, the successful coach gave the following answer: “True, it may seem dangerous for them, but their profile is different. Young people too. They can play. I can’t hide my happiness when we got Eldor Shomurodov. When Dzeko left, it was not fear, but anxiety. But when we got Abraham, it was a relief to me. Abraham also won a lot of things. He won the League and the Champions League. He’s a player with potential. Both are. Maybe they don’t have the experience compared to great forwards, but they’re goal scorers with potential.””Chris “Chris Smalling is injured, he has a minor injury. He worked hard, I trust him. It was a little pain. We are working hard in general. There are also studies that are not seen in the background. Our medical team is trying to prevent such injuries. “He’s working. Ibanez and Mancini can also play. We trust them too. Chris is unfortunately very likely to be on Sunday’s match. He will not be able to play in the quarter. We trust him. We will play him in the next matches.””Roma started to become a new team””It was not easy. We see new things here. Roma started to become a new team. What I observed was a willingness to work. Everyone works really hard. This reflects positively on the players. We’re not going back home after the game tomorrow, we’re going to camp together. Sacrifice has to be made, everyone does it. Trying to create a professional environment. In order to create this environment, we have to win. You get nothing without winning.”


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