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Karabulut, wishing the new season to be beneficial, said, “Congratulations to all football fans, all fans, Antalya residents, all football lovers. First of all, we will experience a season free of injury, accident and pandemic. We can’t be.
“We will definitely make 2 more transfers”

Karabulut, who said that the transfer works are continuing at a fast pace, said, “We are continuing our transfer work. I have just said. We are negotiating with 1 midfielder and 1 striker. We will make 2 definite transfers. But it may not stay with only 2, because every day until the last day of the transfer. We can take all kinds of action. There are young people we meet. It is an issue that we agreed with our teacher Ersun, we can recruit unlimited young people. There are also the players of the National Team of Hope, the players of the National Team of Hope of other countries. We see it as a forward transfer, as our future. We can transfer young people until the last day but we have 1 midfielder and 1 striker, we will definitely transfer,” he said.


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“Hopefully we will win the Super Cup”

Saying that they want to win the Super Cup, Karabulut said, “I think the cup final will be at halftime. It is spoken as if it’s possible to be in Qatar. Of course, the federation has not yet had an explanation or opinion about it, but these are the issues that we talked about backstage and that we are familiar with. “It may be good in terms of prestige if it can be played outside.

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