Hasan Ali Toptaş starting with letters on Tuesday Turkey’s ‘me too’ movement has spread to different sectors. Lists of famous journalists, writers, architects, cartoonists and directors accused of sexual harassment are circulating on social media. Some of the names on the list are revealed after the women have told the events in detail, giving time and place. Especially many men come to the fore, revealed by many women who do not know each other.

According to the news of Ece Çelik from Hürriyet newspaper, some of the names that were the target of the accusations apologized and some of them deny and accuse those who made the allegations of slander.


Poet Nevzat Çelik, one of the accused names, said, “Of course, my dear is more bored than ever! My friends who are worried about me should keep your heart fresh. Nevzat Çelik did not happen spontaneously in the tree pit! I need to calm down a little more to make sentences that fit the subject predicate. About to talk “posted.


Four different women blamed the director Biray Dalkıran on social media. Dalkıran denied the accusations by posting a video. The style of Dalkıran’s video in which he made defenses such as “We flirted, I am a relaxed person” has gained reaction.


Author İbrahim Çolak allegedly committed suicide


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