The incident occurred on 29 November in Kocaeli’s Gölcük district. According to the information obtained, the persons who entered the house of a citizen stole the steel safe with 100 thousand TL worth of jewelry and disappeared. Upon the notification of the citizen who noticed the situation, the teams of the Kocaeli Security Public Security Branch Directorate Theft Bureau Chief opened an investigation into the incident. As a result of the work done by the teams, the persons entering the house were M.A., S.C., and H.S. was detected.

Simultaneous operations were held in Diyarbakır, Istanbul and Bursa to capture the individuals. In the operation performed, S.C., M.A. and H.S. caught and detained. During the operation, M.A. M.Ç., who was in the same house with and found to have connections with the incident. and Ş.Y. named persons were also caught and detained. In the searches made in M.A.’s house, 1 kilo 620 grams of skunk, 1 pump-action rifle and many cartridges were seized.

The suspects who were taken into custody were brought to the Kocaeli Police Public Security Branch Directorate. It was determined that M.A. and S.C. had 3 criminal records for various crimes. The persons were transferred to the courthouse after the procedures carried out in the police. All 5 of the suspects who were brought before the judge were released on condition of judicial control.

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