The incident in Bursa took place at around 15:00 on Fevzi Çakmak Street in Osmangazi district. Walking from the city square to Democracy Square, A.Y. allegedly harassed a large number of women who came to her along the way on the pretext of bumping. Realizing that A.Y., who was walking for a long time, harassed women, C.Ö. young girl named, captured those moments with her cell phone camera.

Tried to touch her friend, she was blown

After a while, A.Y. got used to touching a woman next to her boyfriend. Realizing the situation, she battered her boyfriend A.Y.

Upon the notice of the people around, the Trust Teams Bureau and Çarşı Police Headquarters were dispatched to the scene. A.Y., who was unconscious on the ground for a long time, was brought to himself by pouring water over his head.

After recovering, he said, “I am not in a head, did I make a mistake to someone? I am very sorry to all of you.” C.Ö. reacted to A.Y. The teams detained A.Y. upon the complaint.

Detained A.Y. He said, “My sister, my brothers, I apologize to all of you, I was drunk. Let me go. I was drunk, I couldn’t see my front.


Telling the incident, C.Ö. stated that she saw that A.Y. pretended to hit women and touched them, “I was walking towards this side of the city square. Coincidentally I saw the man. He hit a few people and ran away. When he said, ‘Sorry, it happened by accident,’ he proceeded. Then he touched a blond woman. I grabbed the woman and said, ‘We can call the police.’ He told me it was his job. Then I picked up the phone to shoot a video. Then we crossed over. He wasn’t going to continue because he noticed me, but I went into the store. I got out and continued to follow when I left. The last time he came here, he sat in front of the cornman and they already squeezed it there. They wanted to complain. He touched a young boy’s lover. The boy naturally attacked. He kicked in the head, “he said.

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