Sinovac vaccine Turkey Working Group Coordinator Prof. Dr. Serhat Ünal made explanations on many issues, from why Western countries do not prefer the Sinovac vaccine, to drug studies against coronavirus.

Prof. Dr. Highlights from Serhat Ünal’s comments:

There is no such concept as second quality in health. Sinovac is a company dealing with vaccines for 15-20 years. A company that has been making and selling vaccines to the world for years. Previous materials have been used with confidence. Everyone thinks the goodness of this vaccine is bad but our healthcare team doesn’t? I do not see any restlessness. I think some injustice is done by combining it with the concept of cheapness.

Is it true that the virus is mutated in England?

Mutation happens every day. There is a system that checks these errors. It is necessary to look at how effective the error of the virus is in its functions. Has it become more infected as a result of mutation? It is necessary to take care of it. There have been mutations before. There is a mutation in the UK, but it has not yet been determined whether it has a functional reflection.


235 people died from coronavirus in 24 hours

Why do not Western countries prefer sinovac?

I think political factors come into play here. They had to turn to countries with suitable infrastructure. I am not authorized to say this, but China, Sinovac vaccine field from 3 countries Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and other countries have.


Studies continue on drugs such as vaccines. We also have expectations from the drug. Turkey continues with the participation of different phase-3 studies.


There’s such studies in Turkey. It is a material that will prevent the virus from sticking 2-3 times a day when it is squeezed from the nose. I hope it is good that we have such an item in 2021.

The Scientific Board is a scientific advisory board. The implementation of these recommendations is the decisions made by our Ministry of Health and our government. We give advice considering the medical side of the business. The Ministry has a certain plan in this regard. If there is a problem in this event, if the number of cases cannot be controlled, the full closure agenda comes to the ministry’s table.

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