Ercan Kesal (İdris Baba) and Çetin Sarıkartal (Pasha) will be guests in the new episode of Çukur, which will appear in front of the audience with its fourth season, to be broadcast next week.

The character ‘Idris’ played by Ercan Kesal in the second season finale, and the character ‘Pasha’ played by Çetin Sarıkartal said goodbye to the series in the first season finale. In the new episode where Öner Erkan’s farewell, who plays Selim in the series, will take place, it is seen that two actors take part in flashback scenes.


The separation that will upset the pit fans! The famous actor says goodbye


With the trap set by Çağatay, a great fire will fall on the Koçovans and Selim will give his last breath in Yamaç’s lap. While the Koçovalı family is deeply shaken by Selim’s death, Akın will attack with his father’s pain. While the Koçovans mourn their lost sons, Çukur will not leave them alone and there will be emotional moments in Selim’s funeral. Çağatay, who lost the big trump card in his hand with the return of Ogeday, will find himself on the target board of Cengiz and will look for ways to turn things in his favor. Yamaç, who vowed to avenge his brother while the Koçovalı family was trying to face the loss of Selim, will inflict an unexpected blow on Cengiz.

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