With the “Regulation on Prevention of the Spread of Kovid-19” published by CAAC, it announced new measures in the aviation sector against the epidemic.

In the regulation listing the mask, distance and hygiene rules, airline personnel on the aircraft were recommended to use medical masks, double-layer medical gloves, goggles, headgear, shoe covers and clothing as part of their personal protection equipment.

The most striking item in the regulation was disposable adult diapers. In the related article, “It is recommended that cabin crew use disposable (adult) diapers and not use the toilet except in exceptional cases in order to reduce the risk of infection. expression was used.


He got sick 1 year ago, corona was detected in the sample taken

The single-use cloth recommendation, which stands out as a new measure in the aviation industry against the epidemic, reminded the research that Kovid-19 can be transmitted even from toilets.

A female passenger traveling by plane from Italy to South Korea in August was infected with Kovid-19. It was later revealed that the source of the virus was the cabin toilet, where the woman only removed her mask.

According to the “Worldometers” website, where data on Kovid-19 cases were compiled, the number of cases worldwide reached 69 million 380 thousand 432, while 1 million 578 thousand 623 people died due to the virus. 48 million 155 thousand 377 infected people recovered.

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