Those scenes that have been used for years on the Galata Bridge do not occur anymore, but fish enthusiasts say that they cannot give up this love despite the coronavirus. Some of the fish lovers who have been shoulder to shoulder on the Galata Bridge for years say it is like medicine, while others say it like therapy. There are also fishermen who say, ‘We want to come more if the weather is rainy’. Those whose homes are far from this point are always fishing on the Galata Bridge, regardless of the distance.


Saying that he has been fishing on the Galata Bridge for 15 years, Mehmet Ali Karakaş said, “I have been coming here for 15 years. This is a passion and illness. I mean illness. I am here when there is no job. It is a hobby for me.

I can’t explain very well. I enjoy. I like it to hold, but I don’t like it to eat. Not me, the people in the house are eating. Fishing is a disease. I can’t stop when I’m not there. Let it be cold and rain, I’ll come again. I live in Kadıköy. I come here every day to fish. Galata is the place of this business. More efficient. Even the weather is better, “he said.

“Fishing is inexplicable and lives”

Saying that he has been fishing for 25 years and is an indispensable hobby for him, Mutlu Atasoy is one of those who always prefer Galata. Atasoy said, “I am always in Galata. We got used to it since we were little. This habit continues. Fishing is unexplained, it is experienced.

Because it’s a job of patience. It is necessary to wait. Bored person cannot do this at all. This is something done fondly. Sometimes you come every day and you go here without holding anything. But you still say ‘I got clean air’. That is enough. A nice hobby, I recommend to everyone. He said, like love, like love.


Stating that he has been fishing on the Galata Bridge for years, Adem Şahin said, “Fishing is a pleasure. I also buy my fish for food. I come for this purpose. I do not come to sell. It is a hobby for us. Thinking person comes here. Rain for example. I think it will rain at home. I say, “Now the rain will cut it, and then the fish, I have to go. It is a passion for us, the lovers. But the work of patience. It cures people. Go to 10 doctors, they say,” Get a fishing rod, go to the seaside. Disappear. You will be comfortable. ‘ Likewise, you will be as if you rested for 10 days and 15 days. You will be brilliant. This is the therapy because. Doctors recommend it. ”

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