Hambolat, in his written statement, noted that in this difficult process, the people of Hatay can overcome the process if they follow the rules, help them and fight together.

Emphasizing that everyone should do their duty and comply with the precautions, Hambolat continued as follows:

“The number of our cases in our city, the number of intensive care needs, the need for oxygen and the number of emergency healthcare needs tends to increase day by day. We are going through a difficult process. We should not forget that we have a humanitarian obligation to know our responsibilities, to be aware, to fulfill our duties and to comply with the precautions, not an arbitrariness, but our primary and primary duty. Violating quarantine measures and protective measures is not only to risk our loved ones and healthcare workers, but the whole society. These days, we have to distance ourselves for a while in order not to make irreparable distances with our loved ones. “


195 deaths, 30,402 new cases in the last 24 hours

Expressing that staying at homes is the most powerful measure these days, Hambolat continued as follows:

“Let’s stay in our homes as long as possible. As long as you are at home, I would like you to know that our fighting power will increase in the field and the increasing number of cases and increasing number of intensive care needs will soon turn positive. We are doing our best to take all the necessary steps and fulfill our responsibilities and we will continue to do so. Make no mistake, it is useful to know that our biggest weapon of struggle is mask, distance and cleanliness when applied correctly. As a person trained in the people of Hatay, helpful. I am confident that this nation, which I believe to have the sensitivity of being a nation with conscientious hearts, will not remain indifferent to this call we make. “

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