IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener made a statement on Halk TV in the 20th Hour program presented by Özlem Gürses.

Akşener answered a question regarding her Presidential candidacy as follows:

“It is very ugly to talk about belongings. Everyone who fulfills the criteria in this country has the right to be a presidential candidate and to be elected. There is an alliance formed by the Republican People’s Party and we are pleased with our mayors that we have elected. Let it be Antalya, Adana, Aydın …

We are pleased with all the elected mayors with their success. Power creates huge problems, but our friends are trying to serve. If you hold hands, it means getting results.


“Will you be a presidential candidate?” Answer to the question

But let me say this on my behalf, I am always asked if you are a candidate. Like every Turkish citizen, I dream and want. Everyone who claims it wants. I say once again, I’m going to have to put my own self Turkey’s future. We will see how to navigate when we go towards the election.

Everyone was nominated in the first round in the election, we said we would support whoever goes to the second round. There is not only CHP and IYI Party, but also DEVA Party and Felicity Party. What will the political structures do, what kind of system will be set up, they cannot be without talking.

I believe courtesy is very important. I have always talked positively about the newly established political parties, but of course we are competitors, but we have to compete in cooperation. We also compete with the Republican People’s Party. If our corporate structures find the same solution to every problem, we will not need to form a party.

Mr. Davutoğlu made a study on the parliamentary system and brought it to us, Kılıçdaroğlu. We are also designing a system. What will be the color of the pen, what will be the shape we are working on It will end like the middle of January, share it with the public and I will present it to other friends. We have determinations about the system rather than the legal part. “ yenilenen adresini kullanarak siteye erişim sağlayabilirsiniz. restbet giriş yapıp, üyelik açarak hemen %100 bonus kazanırsınız.

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