As the coronavirus continues to increase the impact of the epidemic around the world, an international team led by the World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to go to China in the first week of January to investigate the virus that caused the epidemic. Ministers of Health called on WHO in May to determine the source of the virus and how it overcame the species barrier.


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A WHO-led team of 12-15 international experts is preparing to travel to Wuhan, the center of the outbreak, to study evidence and to conduct studies, including human and animal samples collected by Chinese researchers. He stated that he will set out “right after New Year” for a 6-week mission, including a two-week quarantine period. “According to the specification, phase 1 should have been completed by now and we should get some results. It would be great if this is what we bought when we came to China. Then we are already in phase 2. ”Keith Hamilton, an expert from the World Animal Health Organization (OIE), said yesterday,” I guess the mission will be realized very soon.

WHO Spokesperson Tarık Jasarevic said in a statement that the international team is working on logistics arrangements to go to China as soon as possible, and said, “We hope that the team will travel in January.”

While WHO’s executive board was expected to leave in early January before opening on January 18, it was suggested that there was strong pressure on China and WHO. China, on the other hand, recently suggested that the virus existed abroad before it was discovered in Wuhan. year imported frozen food packaging cited scientific articles claiming to circulate in Europe.


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