According to the news on Iranian state television, President Rouhani made evaluations on the agenda after the meeting of the Council of Ministers held in the capital Tehran.

Saying that they expect Washington to return to the nuclear deal and lift the sanctions during the reign of Joe Biden, who won the elections in the USA, Rouhani pointed out that the current conditions are very different from the conditions in 2015, when the agreement was signed.

Expressing that Iran’s military and nuclear capacity has increased incomparably with the conditions in 2015, Rouhani said, “Today we have the most modern defense system, the best frigates and missile systems. Iran’s power has increased several times. In those days (enriching uranium). we only had one or two types of centrifuges, today we have IR8 and IR6 centrifuges and we are stronger than ever. ” he spoke.

Despite all this, Rouhani stated that if the US returns to its commitments in the nuclear deal, Iran will also align its steps with its commitments in the agreement.

Describing US President Trump as “unlawful” and “terrorist”, who followed a harsh attitude towards Iran throughout his mission, Rouhani said, “The most rebellious and most lawless man of the USA, who is the president in his country, is experiencing the last days of his rule, thank God . ” said.

Rouhani continued as follows:

“Some say we are happy with Biden’s arrival. No, we are not happy with Biden’s arrival, but we are very happy with Trump’s departure. This man, who has committed so many crimes, murderers and terrorists, did not show mercy to us even about the supply of vaccines. We are very happy that this loyal bully has been overthrown. “

Saying that the Biden administration will make its own choice regarding Iran, Rouhani said, “If he wants the right way, that way is ready, if he wants the wrong way, that way is ready. We say that the votes given to Mr. Biden by the American people are a vote of commitment to the agreements and We hope it will show that it is given for the rule of law. ” used expressions.

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