Huawei invited Griezmann to discuss and convey his work at “ the highest level within the company ” to address human rights, equality and discrimination.

Barcelona’s French striker reported that Huawei, one of its sponsors, broke with the company after allegedly helping China to develop a facial recognition system for Uyghur Turks.

The company said in a statement, “Huawei opposes any form of discrimination, including the use of technology to perpetrate ethnic discrimination.” said.

The statement said, “We do not develop or sell systems that identify people by ethnic group; we do not condone the use of our technologies to discriminate or oppress members of any community.” statements were included.

Griezmann’s announcement came after reports that Huawei is testing software that could help China monitor and suppress Uighurs.


Griezmann severed ties with sponsor Huawei

Griezmann said on his Instagram account, “I immediately ended my partnership with the company after strong doubts that the Huawei company was contributing to the development of the so-called ‘Uyghur alarm’ using facial recognition software. I invite you to take concrete steps as soon as possible to condemn it and to use its influence to contribute to respect for human rights. used expressions.

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