According to the report of La Gazzetta dello Sport, a thief broke into the Tuscan house of the famous football player, nicknamed “Pablito”, who was buried yesterday after a funeral ceremony. The incident was detected by a relative of the Rossi family when a window of the house was noticed.

According to the investigations by the security forces and the determination of Rossi’s wife, Federica Cappelletti, the thieves were said to have stolen Rossi’s valuable watch, jewelry and money.

It is reported that the thieves did not touch the trophies and medals won by the famous football player.

Cappelletti told the press, “They wanted to throw mud even on the day when the whole of Italy was crying. They could even take 100 thousand euros and I wouldn’t care, but that surprised me.” said.

Florence Mayor Dario Nardella also condemned the theft at Rossi’s house on Twitter, and said, “There is no more cowardly and disgusting action than this. The security forces do everything to find the responsible. All my solidarity and closeness is to Paolo Rossi. with his family. ” used expressions.

Rossi’s wife, Federica Cappelletti, posted on her social media account on December 10, announcing the death of the legendary 64-year-old footballer who had been treated for a while due to her illness.

Rossi was sent off on his last journey with a funeral ceremony attended by the Italian National Team players from the 1982 World Cup in Vicenza.


Legendary striker Paolo Rossi dies

Rossi, who had a large share in Italy’s national team’s winning of the 1982 World Cup, was a commentator on the television channel RAI Sport.

Italy, where Rossi became the star of the 1982 World Cup held in Spain, where he was not listed among favorites, reached a happy ending by beating West Germany in the final. Rossi finished the top scorer race in the 1982 World Cup, scoring 6 goals during the tournament. Rossi, who played against Brazil, the biggest favorite of the tournament in the last game of the second group, and scored a hat-trick in Italy’s 3-2 win, was the name that brought his team to the semi-finals.

Rossi won the Golden Shoe, Golden Ball and Footballer of the Year awards that same year.

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