In the news in the Spanish press, the family of an elderly woman who died from Kovid-19 in the capital Madrid, accused the director of the nursing home with murder on the grounds that she did not apply to the hospital and was negligent.

The Madrid Court, which accepted the indictment, called on the director to testify on February 26 as a defendant.

This incident drew attention in terms of “the first time that an elderly nursing home manager was blamed for deaths from Kovid-19” in Spain.

Many families who lost their relatives in elderly nursing homes due to the epidemic in Spain make similar accusations against nursing home staff allegations that “the necessary precautions were not taken, they were not taken to the hospital and left to die”.

On the other hand, the Madrid Provincial Court issued an investigation order after 9 of the elderly living in a nursing home in the city of Leganes, which is under the autonomous administration of Madrid, died of Kovid-19.

In Spain, 48 thousand 13 people have died from Kovid-19 since Kovid-19, while more than 24 thousand of them are the elderly who stayed in nursing homes.

The increase in the number of cases continues in Spain. It was reported that in the last 24 hours, 7 thousand 967 more viruses were detected in the country, and 129 more died. The total number of cases reached 1 million 762 thousand 36, and the total loss of life reached 48 thousand 13.


Elderly people died alone in their home in the epidemic

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