Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu answered the questions of the deputies at the ministry’s budget negotiations in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Soylu took the floor after CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay showed the newspaper news that a person who attempted suicide in Sivas due to economic reasons was fined based on the decision of the Provincial Hygiene Board.


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Minister Soylu reminded that the Sivas Provincial Police Department explained that it would not be humane to impose a fine on this person and that the said news did not reflect the truth and said:

“Dear Altay, there is a person named Gergerlioğlu in this Assembly. He uses this kind of lies and disinformation a lot. Please, you are experienced about such disinformation. Look, this should not be the place where newspapers are talked about. The issue we are talking about is a human life. , saddens all of us. But it is also in Turkey in the world, unfortunately, and say one more thing. Although the writing in these suicides caused by this newspaper that we can not tell because people who stay behind get hurt. we are taking describing hope and inside us. But it abusers so much more. we are all family Bad deeds can happen to all of us. But let’s not leave the legacy of bad deeds as a lifetime burden on those we left behind. Let’s not leave this to this Assembly, either. The same thing happens in the murders of women. I say as a family member. Father of a daughter. I am saying as I am saying. We are faced with such works that I put both hands on my leg and say, ‘What will I say? I say ‘slope. But those who exploit it abuse it so brutally that we come here. They are forcing us to officially explain what the events are. What happens if we stop politics here. I also want your help. I also want help from the Assembly. Let’s fight together against those who abuse it. “


Interior Minister Soylu continued his speech as follows:

“The number of terrorists in the country has decreased to 320. The organization’s intelligence, pit with the municipal bucket, barricade, the municipal vehicle lifted the terrorist body, made the bomb attack, gave the name of the terrorist to the streets and streets, stored rocket launchers and weapons in the back room. We do not tolerate the men who are instructed by Kandil’s inspector because they do not have a gun and do not live in a cave.

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