A 37-year-old veteran striker Huntelaar, who continues his career in Ajax, announced that he has decided to retire.

Speaking at the end of the match in which his team defeated PEC Zwolle 4-0 and scored 1 goal by himself, Huntelaar replied the reason for his decision by saying “I want to leave happily” and talked about his plans after playing football.

Huntelaar said in his statement, “I think the moment is coming now. I think this is my last season. Yes, I’m quitting now. I will continue to play happily until the end of the season. After I finish my career, of course I want to be a coach, I will also get my documents about it, but the first thing I want is to spend a few months with my family. After that, I will look at new struggles ”.

The 37-year-old Dutch striker Huntelaar was transferred to Ajax for 9 million euros in 2006 after shining his star in Heerenveen and later returned to Ajax in 2017 without a testimonial after playing in teams such as Real Madrid, Milan and Schalke respectively.

Huntelaar, who scored 3 goals in 8 games this season, has 360 goals and 86 assists in 649 games in his career.

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