The incident took place in a kiosk in Esenler Menderes District Atışimanı Caddesi. According to the information obtained, the thief woman who came to the kiosk disguised as a customer said that she wanted to buy the buffet owner Eşref Oğuz by asking the price of the products in the fridge. While the buffet owner opened the cabinet, the woman approached Eşref Oğuz and harassed him and took the thousand TL in his pocket with sleight of hand.

Striped for distraction

The owner of the buffet, Eşref Oğuz, overcome the shock of the incident in a short time and fired the woman from the shop. As the woman left the shop, she suddenly began to undress to distract the buffet owner. While the owner of the buffet was amazed at what happened, the woman who was half-naked disappeared by collecting her clothes after leaving the buffet. When the buffet owner realized that he had no money in his pocket, he went out and tried to find the woman.

The woman tried to rob people in the street in the same tactic

After the thief woman left the kiosk, she entered the shop of another shopkeeper close to her and committed the same theft. The woman approached the citizens on the street with the same method and asked for money and tried to rob people with the same method. Police started an operation to catch the suspect

The moments when the woman robbed the owner of the buffet and undressed after doing it are on camera

The moments in Esenler who stole a thousand TL from the buffet owner and were undressed to distract them were reflected on the security camera. In the footage, it is seen that the woman entered the kiosk and asked for something from the cupboard, and then harassed the owner of the buffet and started to undress by taking the money.

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