The incident took place at around 03:00 in Yunus Emre District of Ankara’s Pursaklar district Mithatpaşa Street. Önder Çelik, his official wedded wife Seher Çelik and religiously married wife Yeşim Ö. started to argue for an unknown reason in the house where he lived with him. According to the allegation, Önder Çelik battered his religious marriage wife Yeşim Ö. As a result, Yeşim Ö., Heading to the kitchen, stabbed her religiously married husband Önder Çelik in the heart and in various parts of his body, and seriously injured him. Önder Çelik fell to the ground in blood and remained motionless.

Upon the notification of Önder Çelik’s official wife Seher Çelik, who was at home during the fight, 112 Emergency Service and police team were dispatched to the scene. The medical teams transferred the injured to the Pursaklar State Hospital by ambulance after the first response at the scene. Önder Çelik, who was seriously injured, could not be saved despite all the interventions in the hospital and died.

On the other hand, Yeşim Ö, who ran away from the scene by stabbing Çelik. He was caught by police teams near his home and taken to the police station.


The relatives of Önder Çelik, who passed away, and his wife Seher Çelik had a nervous breakdown in the hospital. Çelik said, “I couldn’t do anything. I ran away and locked the door on me. I was very afraid that he would stab me too.”

The police started an investigation into the incident.

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