In the budget negotiations 7th round, three ministries and related organizations who Forestry General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, General Directorate of Meteorology, Turkey Water Institute, the budget of the Turkish Accreditation Agency and the European Union Presidency were also considered.


Two more ministries’ budgets approved

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Democratic Party who spoke on the budget and Afyonkarahisar deputy Gideon Uysal, the 2021 budget was regarded as an indicator of Turkey’s depletion.

“When did we come to the painful prescription from the rhetoric of flying, escaping.” he’s tame, up to 30 percent unemployment, a Turkey voiced that go wage below the minimum wage of 7.8 million.

Uysal said that one was forced to work 47 percent of Retirement Turkey when confronted with the portrait, “You put as closing the millions of our people work in a pandemic environment measures but as a country that consumes even reserves for this process in’re unable to meet even their basic inputs Today, there are some aids announced by the President of the Republic. Our heart desires that we can be with our people at such a moment when our nation needs its state. ” he spoke.

Deputy Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Nimetulllah Erdoğmuş closed the merger at 11.00 for the 8th round of negotiations of the 2021 budget after the approval of the budgets.

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