The statement from the official website of the black and white club is as follows;

“We have had to make a statement regarding the VAR decisions, which have now come out in the game that has been going on since the beginning of the season and our Football Team played against Aytemiz Alanyaspor in the 12th week of the Super League.

First of all; As our president Ahmet Nur Çebi has stated on various occasions, we support young referees and the VAR system.

We believe that young referees will bring a new breath to Turkish football, and we believe that the VAR system is a high-quality instrument that will assist referees on the field in establishing justice if it is implemented by observing fairness measures.

We believe that the VAR system, which was implemented in the field with the hope of providing justice immediately, does not work with the principle of fairness in the light of objective criteria.

The highest quality reason why the VAR system fails to perform as expected is because of the referees at the head of the system and the instructions of those referees without observing any standard.

The conflicting decisions of the same VAR referees in the same matches or the very different decisions of very different referees in similar positions have weakened the belief in the sense of justice and made the VAR system the focus of discussions.

The poor performance of VAR referees harms young referees who are at the beginning of their careers and makes them controversial.

While the referee decisions made against us in the Fenerbahçe match were kept warm, what happened in the Aytemiz Alanyaspor match, as our coach Sergen Yalçın also stated, sane every football lover, who has a fair management expectation, is not clear what the VAR system works.

The Turkey Football Federation, the Central Arbitration Committee, the league’s necessary work to remove from the location discussed young referees with VAR system in terms of salvation invites the rapid execution, field only if we encounter also the factors already mentioned, not our opponents, knowing that we will fight the most powerful way with them the we want. “ yeni hesap oluşturarak kolayca bonus kazanırsınız. restbet yeni giriş adresini kullanarak siteye erişim sağlayıp, hesabınızı kolayca açabilirsiniz.

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