Fatma Akyüz, who lives in the Dokuzoğul village of Artvin, came to her children in the city center due to the increase in corona virus cases.

After a while, the Covid-19 test performed in the hospital where Akyüz was taken by his children was positive. Akyüz, who was kept in the hospital for 1 day for medical purposes, continued his treatment at his home. The first wish of Akyüz, who was overcome by treatment, was to return home in his village. The children also took their mothers to the village.

Fatma Akyüz said, “Come to Dokuzoğul village, I came. I used to eat all the food before the illness, but now I can’t. The drugs touch me, but I drank them at my daughters’ force. I never wanted to go to the hospital in my life, I slept in the hospital for one night. God gave me a long life and I lived, thank God. The water and the air of the village are beautiful, the secret of living long is to live in the village. I don’t like living in the city, I can’t even drink water there. We eat whatever we find in the village, but what we eat is natural, we produce what we eat ourselves. I eat olive and honey, I love all such natural products. God bless my children, they feed me everything and take very good care of me. I love your butter. I eat the butter by spreading it on village bread. He said, “I make ayran from yoghurt, I love it.


The daughter of Fatma Akyüz, Müşerref Polat stated that her mother fell ill at her sister’s house and said, “She did not have a fever. He had no pain, just coughing a little. When he recovered, he wanted to come to the village immediately, and we brought him to the village. My mother used to consume milk, yoghurt, vegetables and fruits from the garden before, but as she got older she started to choose food. If he eats one meal, he does not want to eat the second meal. My mother is a hard working woman, raised 11 children, worked in the vineyard and garden. My mother loves the village very much, and my sister lives in this village. We are coming to your side, too.

Stating that her mother had a lot of difficulties in her youth, Ayfer Atun said, “She used to work in the garden, we had animals, she took care of them. We used to cut meat from our cattle and sheep. We would roast a lot, fill it in cans and ate all winter long. We ate natural products such as honey, milk, yoghurt, butter and buttermilk. That’s why my mother is also very healthy ”.


Sengül Atun said, “I also live in a village. We were very sad when my mother got sick. I took ayran, butter and honey to my mother from the village, mix them with molasses and drink them. I roasted walnuts and onions in butter and fed them. I would drink linden, boil the quince peel, add rose hips and thyme and drink it. I also put black pepper in mulberry molasses and fed it to my mother. Thank God my mother survived this disease and recovered ”.

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