Up until now, it was not possible to do anything else while watching a program on Netflix’s app. However, the team named XDA Developers, who examined an update made by the digital broadcasting platform in October, revealed the feature in question, raising questions in mind when it will become active.

According to Independent Turkish, Netflix has begun to offer the feature on some users’ devices that will allow you to only hear the sound while turning off the video and doing other operations on the phone.

Those who take this opportunity have a “Video Off” button at the top of the image in broadcasts they watch in full screen.


Netflix’s rest to the British Royal Family!

Another way is to go to the application settings of the users and activate one of the “Always On” or “Headphones or External Speakers” option that appears in the “Audio Only” section. .

On the other hand, it is unclear when the background listening feature will be available worldwide. One of the spokespersons of the company, who made a statement to Variety, said, “We do tests in different countries at extraordinary times and we make them widely available only if people find them useful.

When the feature in question comes, it seems that it will be very useful for those who have internet quota problems or who do not want to leave Netflix programs while they are busy. yenilenen adresini kullanarak siteye erişim sağlayabilirsiniz. restbet giriş yapıp, üyelik açarak hemen %100 bonus kazanırsınız.

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