The incident took place in the Havuzlubahçe neighborhood of the Seyhan district. According to the information received, S.S, who was allegedly addicted to drugs, quarreled with his parents. Citizens, disturbed by the sounds of the fight, reported the situation to the police. Seeing the police coming to the crime scene, S.S. He took his parents hostage at knife point. A large number of police came to the area where the incident took place.

The police tried to persuade S.S for about half an hour, but the person was not. Taking his parents hostage at knife point, S.S. after a while he set the house on fire. While flames were rising from one room of the house, a citizen prevented the fire from growing with the help of a hose he extended from his house.

Meanwhile, the police broke the door of the house and entered. Police entered S.S. He was detained by neutralizing them. S.S. He was taken to the police station to be testified.

On the other hand, the medical teams who came to the area where the incident took place intervened standing mother and father who were taken hostage.

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