Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee member and Gazi University Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Hasan Tezer said that after the first dose of the vaccine, the immune response was stimulated in some way.

Prof. Dr. Stating that the actual stimulation after the vaccination procedure reaches the maximum level 10 days after the 2nd dose, Tezer said, “Therefore, it is not a very correct approach to go around without a mask” I had the vaccine “. Even if the person is vaccinated, he has to wear a mask. There should be no perception that “we will remove the mask” We will continue to wear masks. As long as the virus continues to circulate, we will continue to wear masks in 2021. We will not take off our masks saying “I was vaccinated, my immune response is strong, and the antibody response is very good”. We will pay attention not only to masks, but also to our social distance, hand hygiene and not to come together in crowded areas ”.


Prof. Dr. Tezer noted that if the person is vaccinated without knowing that he / she has the disease, there will be no harmful situation and said, “If a person has an immune response after Covid-19, vaccination may not be necessary. The Minister of Health had also announced; Those who have had the disease within 6 months will not be vaccinated. You have had the disease, after 6 months your immune and antibody response may decrease, we know that. In addition, we know that when people get sick for the 2nd or 3rd time, their immune systems are overstimulated. This is true for all viruses. The more intense you take, the more severe the disease can be. Your contact amount and duration are other factors that affect your illness seriously ”.

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