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Salih Uçan, whose name is mentioned with Beşiktaş, said goodbye to Alanyaspor with his social media account.

While it was stated that the 27-year-old midfielder agreed in principle with Beşiktaş, it was also stated that the experienced football player, who will make a 3-year contract with the black and white club, will receive 10 million TL per season with bonuses.

Salih Uçan, in his message that started with ‘Dear people of Alanyaspor’, included the following statements:


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“I have played for many teams and I can clearly say that Alanyaspor is an incredibly different and special club in terms of its management, technical team, administrative staff and community. I spent 2 very good years here. You have been a great support to me from the first day. I also tried to serve this jersey by keeping my motivation, discipline and struggle at the highest level, I fought until the last drop of my sweat on the field. Also, I would like to thank my coaches Erol Bulut and Çağdaş Atan, who trusted me with the Alanyaspor jersey. All the memories, successes and friendships I have had It will always be in a corner of my heart. I bid farewell to Alanyaspor, whose jersey I carry with great pride and fondness. Now a completely different journey begins for me. Say goodbye to you.

The talented player who showed a successful performance in Alanyaspor, where he came in the 2019-2020 season, is mentioned with Beşiktaş. The talented midfielder played 3 goals and 7 assists in 61 games during his two years at Alanyaspor.”

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